Relaciones fantasma

El escritor estadounidense Patrick Somerville habla sobre relaciones fantasma:

How many ghost relationships do you have? I am drawn to them and like to ask people about theirs. Chat rooms? What are they, and what do they mean? Is it the Internet or something else? Subway eyes. People you’ve only met through email, or Facebook or Twitter? Authors you’ve read whom you may very well love, and I mean actually love, even though they’re dead? People who’ve commented on something you’ve done having never seen your face? People from afar who’ve changed your life? A customer service rep who somehow made your day, a random H.R. person who ruined your year?

El artículo de donde salió este extracto habla de otra cosa, tal vez más interesante: un personaje de su última novela intercambia 38 correos electrónicos —en la vida real— con Ed Marks, un editor del periódico New York Times.