About food

My parents were wartime babies, and my father says he can remember the first time he ate an avocado. […] My mother went on a French exchange when she was about 14 and she said it was life changing. It was the first time she had ever tasted garlic, olive oil, yoghurt, or had Perrier water. When they tell these stories, I almost feel jealous, of not having that first, you know, avocado, or pear. […] All the foodstuffs we have in my shop are incredibly basic, mostly unpackaged and unlabelled, but it’s amazing how many people come into the shop and ask us if we have any “normal food”. And that’s important for me because I think, ‘Wow, they really think this is weird food’, i.e the packaged stuff in the supermarket is now normal food.

Leila McAlister © Apartamento Magazine Spring Summer 2010