Shifts to new models

From The Age of the Unthinkable by Joshua Cooper:

Stateamen of World War I lamented afterward that if only the negotations in the days before the first mobilization had not been conducted by telegraph, the war might have been avoided. The problem, they said, was that none of the kings of foreign ministers of Europe had accustomed themselves to the speed of information, to the quantity of it that became available when telegraphs replaced letters. And in their confusion, they felt they had to act and decide at the (then-blistering) speed of a telegraph machine. It destroyed their judgment.

Every important historical moment is marked by these sorts of shifts to new models of living. […] Usually the source of the greatest historical disasters is that so few people at the time either recognize or understand the shift. […] Diplomats, politicians, or businessmen buried under piles of old ideas and biases, well, for them real comprehension is usually impossible.